“Free Britney Spears” in court

The former American pop diva “Britney Spears” is now deep in the “controlled by father” suspicion, recently she finally showed her face on social media, with a video show their true state. The company’s first-ever “The Best of the Best” is the first of its kind. The “rescue” object – this summer’s “ Free Britney Spears” action makes many people once again concerned about this long-lost actress from the public eye.

Although Britney has long been an adult, her guardian has been her father, Jamie Spears, since she was hospitalized for mental and emotional problems in 2008. In recent years, more and more people believe that Britney has been “controlled” by her father, especially because the photos and texts on Britney’s social accounts are bizarre and do not express and interact like a normal celebrity, which has given rise to “conspiracy theories” that her personal freedom and financial situation are being manipulated. This gave rise to “conspiracy theories” about the manipulation of her personal freedom and financial situation. Fans then took to the Internet to launch the “Free Britney” campaign, hoping to rescue Britney from those who were profiting from her against her will. The campaign not only went viral online, but also went to the courthouse to protest and sign a petition on the White House website, and was supported by stars such as Cher, Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez. According to the BBC, Jamie Spears, who is the subject of the campaign, scoffed at the “Save Britney” action, dismissed the fans as “conspiracy theorists” and sealed the relevant legal documents on the grounds of family privacy.

According to Britney’s lawyer Samuel Dingham, Britney herself does want to release her father from custody and opposes the sealing of documents, “which would be beneficial for Britney to restart her career, and she welcomes and appreciates the support of her fans.” Britney’s acting career is currently at a standstill, and she has not been on stage since the cancellation of her Las Vegas concert in 2018, which has left many fans very much concerned about her real recent situation. Her father, Jamie Spears, had suspended his guardianship responsibilities last year due to a health condition, but remains in control of his daughter’s finances. Just at the end of last month, the court ruled that Britney’s little sister Jamie Lynn became the trustee of Britney’s assets up to $57.4 million, and the court believes that, according to Britney’s current state, it is difficult to return to the stage in the near future, and the next hearing between father and daughter lawyers will be in October this year.

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