Hector Maden’s Retro Sneaker Collection: The 7 Best Picks for 2023

Hector Maden Retro sneakers

Hector Maden’s Retro Sneaker Collection: The 7 Best Picks for 2023.Hector Maden Shoes Store specializes in retro sneakers and vintage boots. Our approach to retro style combines modern techniques with classic designs to create unique products that appeal to retro enthusiasts.

In this post, we will showcase the top 7 shoes at our store. These shoes have the highest overall ratings in three categories: skate sneakers, chunky sneakers, and jogging running shoes. Whether you’re into skateboarding, fashion, or fitness, we have the perfect shoe for you.

Read on to find detailed descriptions, key features, and benefits of each shoe. Don’t forget to visit our store for more amazing shoes that combine retro style with modern functionality.

Skate Sneakers

Retro Sneakers For Men

Inspired by classic Retro Sneakers For Men from the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, these men’s low-top sneakers carry the retro style of the era. The addition of a champion olive leaf element makes them unique and significant to the times.

Key Features:

  • Design inspired by the Olympic Games out-of-print shoes
  • Composite Vamp: Suede+ Fabric, soft and breathable
  • EVA midsole cushioning: soft foam with a durable yellow rubber
  • Addition of the champion olive leaf element on the heel

Original Price: $145

Sale Price: $125

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Outfit suggestions: Jeans and a tee to sweats and a tank

Retro Soccer Sneakers

Introducing our special edition retro calf Retro Soccer Sneakers, a fusion of GAT and soccer elements. The unique design features a baseball pattern and classic red and blue color scheme mixed on the material vamp, making it a versatile choice for both soccer and casual wear.

Key Features:

  • Football texture and color-matching vamp
  • Soft leather and breathable cloth upper
  • 108 stitches along the edge
  • Beige main color, retro aesthetics

Original Price: $150

Sale Price: $130

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These two shoes are very similar in terms of shape and material used. Both use a classic vintage shoe shape and a premium hybrid vamp material. The biggest difference lies in the design style. Each shoe incorporates relevant elements into it, according to the needs of their respective preferences.

2. Chunky Sneakers

Chunky Jogging  Sneaker

The two-layer silk vamp Chunky Jogging  Sneaker is made with breathable materials, making them perfect for casual and active lifestyles. With a chunky sole design, you’ll get the ultimate support and comfort for all activities.

silk vamp chunky sneakers

Key Features:

  • Two-layer silk vamp for a cooler wearing experience
  • Sardinia outer fabric with a delicate silk texture for extra comfort
  • Leather heel for gentle treatment of your feet
  • Fashionable text embossing on the tongue for a stylish design
  • One-piece fly-woven ice liner for a cool touch

Original Price: $170

Sale Price: $150

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chunky sneakers outfits

Suede Men Jogging Sneakers

The gravity collection – Mohawk Suede Men Jogging Sneakers is a great exploration. We integrate the design style of the valley into the upper and use a lot of brown and mixed material uppers to reflect this design inspiration. With the classic jogging sneakers beginners shape, this will be the hottest product series in 2023.

Key Features:

  • Suede + soft leather + mesh cloth vamp
  • Soft EVA + durable rubber outsole
  • Classic jogging sneakers styling
  • Ideal for beginning joggers and daily wear

Original Price: $190

Sale Price: $170

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Daily Wear Jogging Sneakers

Spring limited new product – Parrot Daily Wear Jogging Sneakers. Full of details, brushed microfiber, 0.5mm old edge. Available in two colors, suitable for American, Japanese, and casual styles.

Key Features:

  • Suede + mesh stitching upper
  • Aged edge design
  • Caramel tongue
  • Retro color-block heel

Original Price: $170

Sale Price: $150

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Silk vamp sneakers have a unique two-layer design. The silk version of the smooth vamp and fabric lining makes this shoe more absorbent and breathable, suitable for customers whose feet tend to sweat.

The other two chunky sneakers also have the same breathable web design. The difference lies in the use of color rubbing process, increasing the retro effect. If you prefer retro-style chunky sneakers, you can choose them.

Jogging Running Sneakers

Light Weight White Running Shoes

This era profiles people based on shoes. Those who choose Light Weight White Running Shoes must have a free and unrestrained attitude towards life. The gray main color and the simple but not simple shoe shape make these shoes suitable for daily wear.

Key Features:

  • Stretch cloth + suede stitching vamp
  • Reflective material adds texture
  • Classic waffle outsole
  • Ideal for sporty and casual styles

Original Price: $155

Sale Price: $135

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Suede Breathable Running Shoes

The Hector Maden PIUS Suede breathable running shoes nod to the iconic shoes of the ’80s that started the running revolution. The exposed stitching, high-flex upper, and micro-branded heel clip add fresh DNA to the classic track look while its airy mesh and new, cushy insole elevate the feel.

Key Features:

  • The mixed upper features transparent mesh and soft suedes
  • The dual-stacked midsole keeps a soft, cushioned ride.
  • The new TPU heel clip adds support and energy.
  • The low-cut collar features soft edges for a sleek look that feels comfortable.

Original Price: $175

Sale Price: $155

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Arctic Fox and PIUS both have the basic Jogging running shoes function. The difference between the two is in the style. Arctic Fox style tends to be simple urban style, while PIUS has the characteristics of retro shoe style, this is in tribute to the classic is also a transformation upgrade.

Thank you for reading our detailed descriptions of the top 7 shoes at Hector Maden Shoes Store. We hope you found this information helpful in choosing the perfect shoe for your needs.

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