To create a refreshing laptop home desktop, these digital accessories are enough

To create a refreshing laptop home desktop, these digital accessories are enough.Many people use laptops, especially in the post-epidemic era, they carry laptops with them and can respond to various situations at any time. However, the laptop screen is small, the keyboard is small, and the interface is small. There is no way to go on the road. So when you are at home, you can use some digital accessories to create a more comfortable environment. Recently, I organized a small desktop for my family to share with you.

1. Laptop Stand
The purpose of using a laptop stand is to increase the height of the laptop, because the screen of the laptop is too low, so looking down at the laptop for a long time is unhealthy and will cause discomfort. I chose an ORICO laptop stand.

This laptop stand is made of aluminum alloy, which looks very beautiful and classy. Second, aluminum alloys are also relatively strong. Thirdly, the heat dissipation of aluminum alloy is good, which is very important for notebook computers. In any way, it is much better than plastic and steel.

Although it is made of aluminum alloy, there are rubber pads on the shelf, which can buffer the base of the notebook, avoid direct contact between the notebook computer and the aluminum alloy, and prevent the occurrence of wear and tear such as scratches. The edge of the bracket has 2 erected blocks, which can play the role of limiting and holding the laptop.

The structure of this laptop stand is a thick pillar between the base and the tray. It has 2 hinges, so it is convenient to adjust various angles. Its rotating shaft is a spring steel mandrel, so it is not easy to loosen. And the thickness is OK, and there are reinforced support rods, which are very strong. There is a tool in the middle of the shaft to adjust the tightness. Its rod length is 220mm, which is quite moderate. At the same time, it has 4 USB-A output ports on the shaft, and on the other side, there is a USB-A input port, which comes with a USB HUB.

2. Laptop 7-in-1 Docking Station
Laptops have fewer interfaces, like this one in my family, there is only one TYPE-C, also known as USB-C interface, so an all-in-one docking station is needed. Then the family’s requirements are relatively simple, requiring an external monitor, and then having a USB interface or something. Then I chose Belkin’s USB-C seven-in-one docking station

The box of this seven-in-one docking station is still white and green. It is a very refreshing color and looks very comfortable. Belkin’s accessories are very well-known, with a history of decades and a long-standing reputation.

Belkin was born in California in 1983. It is a global leader in digital peripheral products, providing a full range of connectivity solutions for users of computer, digital and mobile products. Belkin’s various products have won many awards, such as CES Innovation Award, Red Dot Design Award, PC Magazine’s Best Product of the Year, etc. Apple’s certified official accessories partner, creating more than 1,000 accessories for iPhone, iPad, and Macbook, with Apple Mfi, Made for MagSafe/Apple Wacth certification. At the same time, it has Samsung SMAPP certification and USB-IF certification.

It is an all-metal body, which allows for good heat dissipation. Small in size, only 13.7mm in height and 46.9mm in width. On the long side, there are 3.5mm audio interface, PD3.0 power supply port, 2 USB 3.2 Gen1 interfaces, supporting communication speed of 5Gbps. An HDMI interface, which supports up to 4K@30Hz output.

On the other side, there is a MicroSD/SD 3.0 card reader. It can be said that this 7-in-1 docking station looks very delicate, the color is also high-end atmosphere, and it is calm and low-key.

The input is a USB-C port, standard.

Connect to the USB-C port of the laptop, and then connect the HMDI cable of the monitor. Use a Belkin TYPE-C cable to connect the output of the charger to the PD power supply port of the Belkin docking station. Don’t underestimate this cable. Unqualified data cables will affect power supply and data transmission. The double-layer braided outer layer is strong and the silicone-wrapped inner layer is soft and has obtained USB-IF certification.

After connecting, start the computer, the external monitor is displayed normally, and the working dual screen is completed. In fact, the monitor is the main screen, the screen of the laptop, which is used to run WeChat or something. The advantage of using the PD power supply is that you can also directly charge the laptop here, two-way communication and charging, and you don’t have to worry about the laptop running out of power.

3. Keyboard
The keyboard of the notebook is small, and now the bracket is used, so naturally, a normal keyboard should be used. The choice is Durga’s K330W three-mode wireless mechanical keyboard, the silver axis model.

I chose this keyboard because it has three connection methods: wired, 2.4G wireless, and Bluetooth, and the 61-key small keyboard is small and flexible.

There are product introductions and technical indicators on the side of the box.

Take out the keyboard, this keyboard of Dujia comes with a transparent dust cover, which is very practical.

The style I chose is ice cream, which has three colors of purple, blue, and gray, and it is as smooth and smooth as the three colors of ice cream. The main key area is white, the function key area is gray, and the space, enter, and ESC keys are blue. The periphery of the base is a mixture of three colors, which looks refreshing and full of changes and colors.

The shape of the base is full of distinctiveness, with shades, lavender and blue complement each other, showing warmth in the refreshing.

On the left side of the back of the keyboard, there is a TYPE-C interface. This is where the wired connection is made. If you are afraid of wireless delays when playing games, you can use this. There are four indicators on the side of the USB-C interface. The colors here are also lavender and blue interlaced.

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