5 minutes to upgrade the home entertainment center: DENON Tianlong S217 Dolby panoramic sound echo wall

5 minutes to upgrade the home entertainment center: DENON Tianlong S217 Dolby panoramic sound echo wall.Today’s flat-screen TVs seem to have launched a “race” in terms of the thickness of the body, and more “ultra-thin” models continue to appear.

At the same time, limited by the thinner and thinner body, the sound effects of the TV’s built-in speakers are becoming more and more lackluster, so that some TVs are “forced” to use the screen sound technology – such speakers are effective in terms of effect. , can only “listen to the sound”.

It is said that film and television is an audio-visual feast, and now the visual experience is available, but in terms of hearing, it is always a little less meaningful.

And the projector in my home, because it is installed on the wall behind me, the speaker that comes with the projector is located behind us, not directly in front of the traditional human body, which always feels weird when watching a movie. So I have always had the idea of ​​adding an audio-visual speaker to my home, but because there was no wiring in advance during the decoration, it would be very troublesome to install traditional multi-channel speakers.

In this situation in my house, I think it is a very good way to use an echo wall speaker. The sound bar speaker is the soundbar, which is a more integrated and less difficult solution to use and install for home theater.

The so-called echo wall is to integrate the speaker functions of multiple channels into a bar-shaped box, and the AV power amplifier responsible for audio decoding is also integrated into it.

The sound bar speaker can achieve a virtual surround sound effect by controlling multiple speakers in the speaker, controlling the sounding time of each speaker and the time difference between the sound reaching the human ear. Nowadays, there are many sound bars on the market that look similar to the sound bar. They also like to “play the edge ball” in the publicity and call it the sound bar. In fact, the normal sound bar cannot be called the sound bar. The difference between a real soundbar and a “sound bar” is whether it has Dolby or dts sound certification and virtual technology.

For example, Dolby Atmos technology can liberate the sound from the speakers in the front of us, so that we can hear the sound above and around our head, so as to achieve the effect of 5.1 or even 7.1 surround multi-channel.

DENON is a very famous audio manufacturer in Japan, with a rich product line. From wireless speakers, streaming media HiFi speakers, home theaters, to desktop speakers, headphones, etc., it basically covers all products related to sound.

The reason why I chose Tianlong’s echo wall products this time is this:

In fact, I am not “too cold” about the bass, but the balanced performance of the sound and the seamless connection of the three frequencies. When watching videos or listening to music, you should take into account the feelings of your family and neighbors, and you will not open the ground too loudly, and you do not require the speakers to have extreme power. But because the space at home is relatively tight, there are certain requirements for the volume of the sound bar, multi-source access and multi-function, so I finally chose the DENON Tianlong DHT-S217 model.

PS: If you care about bass, you can buy a model with a subwoofer unit.

Product and installation display:
The design of Tianlong DHT-S217 is still very “Japanese”, and the dark gray has a full sense of luxury, which matches well with various decoration styles. The volume is not large, and there is basically no requirement for placement space.

The front is DENON’s metal LOGO with mixed-woven fabric craftsmanship, not that kind of cold feeling. The slightly rough fabric material gives people a warm and relaxed atmosphere, which is restrained and does not lose texture, which is perfectly integrated into the home atmosphere.

The bass adopts a built-in “down shot” design, which is also the design that many professional audio and video speakers like to use. There are special rubber feet at the bottom of the fuselage to raise the fuselage 1-2cm, which can not only place the fuselage stably and reduce the resonance of the fuselage, but also provide sound and reflection enhancement space for the sinking bass, even if it is not equipped with a floor.” Subwoofer” can also get enough “shock”.

The two sides should be the guide holes of the speaker, which are very cleverly designed.

In addition to Bluetooth 5.0 wireless access, the Denon DHT-S217 also has 3.5mm audio input, optical input, HDMI input, HDMI, HDMI ARC and subwoofer output interfaces on the back.

The top of the fuselage is the operation button, we can directly switch the power switch, input source selection, Bluetooth mode and control the volume. If you can’t find the remote control at once, or you are near the soundbar, it is also very convenient to press it.

Actual use experience:
The installation is very simple, just plug in the signal cable and power cable. It is equipped with a HDMI eARC audio return channel. Connecting to a TV can return the audio signal to the soundbar through the eARC port. It supports 4K and Dolby Vision, so wiring is much simpler. .

For fans like me, watching the game in the middle of the night is indispensable, but my LP is a person who is very afraid of noise. Before watching the game, I could only turn on the low volume, and I couldn’t hear the “beng, beng” sound of the game. The shouting of the fans at the scene was not spoken, and the commentary could not even be heard clearly. The unique “night mode” of Tianlong DHT-S217, by adjusting the high and low frequency sounds with strong penetrating power, can ensure clear vocal and sound effects at low volume, and will not “shock the floor” to disturb neighbors and family members . No, just this morning, when Milan won the championship after an interval of 11 years, I used Tianlong DHT-S217 to watch the game in the living room. Sure enough, the sound had good details and the vocal commentary was very clear, without disturbing the The LP adult sleeping in the bedroom. The good atmosphere when watching the game, coupled with the team’s return to the top, made me so excited that I didn’t sleep until the morning.

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