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After a year and a half of 9790km, let’s talk about whether the electric motorcycle is worth buying

After a year and a half of 9790km, let’s talk about whether the electric motorcycle is worth buying

When it comes to why it is necessary to spend 10,000 yuan to buy an electric motorcycle, in fact, the word “impulsive” is added, and the word “face control” is added. Other reasons, such as easy commute to get off work, fuel saving, convenience for grocery shopping, more comfortable fenders to sit on, and play around on weekends, etc., are just extensions of the above two reasons and “self-deception” psychological comfort. At that time, it only took half an hour from looking at the car to paying for it. The cost of this impulse is quite high.

But today, a year and a half later, looking back at this car, it smells delicious! Because the handsome looking motorcycle has only ridden less than 6,000 kilometers in 4 years, and this little electric donkey has nearly 10,000 kilometers in one and a half years. It is really “practical” in terms of frequency of use. Ride to and from get off work, ride for groceries, ride for supper, go out to eat and ride, no longer have to worry about buying watermelon and not being able to bring it back, buying vegetables and hanging on the handlebars and falling off, in the morning and evening rush hour and other electric vehicles slowly There is no sense of violation if you walk on the non-motorized road (please abide by the relevant local laws and regulations on motorcycles on the motorized road, and discuss rationally).

Before buying this car, the means of transportation to and from get off work were a car and a fueled motorcycle. Cars are generally only driven when it is raining, when winter is too cold, and when summer is too hot, and motorcycles are only driven on sunny days when spring and autumn are lukewarm. Because it is a street car, I have been reluctant to install the tail box and side box for the sake of appearance, so I sacrifice storage capacity and all the convenience of life in front of the appearance. In an idle state, and even only rode less than 6000 kilometers in the 4 years of ownership. This car is so long.


When I ride out to play, I still feel pretty handsome. Chasing the wind and freedom, watching Yunjuan Yunshu on the top of the mountain. It’s a bit of an internal taste~ I sold it not long after I started the little eDonkey. back blood.

In order to make your buying behavior as more “scientific” as possible, you can talk about the “demand for car use” at the time of buying a car.

There is a certain storage space (the last motorcycle has a storage space of 0, and you have to carry a helmet wherever you go)

good looks

performance as high as possible

Therefore, looking at a lot of small pedals including fuel vehicles and electric vehicles, most of the 125 and 150 small pedals are not in line with my aesthetics. They feel that the design is too sharp, but the actual acceleration performance is very good. For example, Honda Split line 125, Peugeot sf4, three kinds of drg150, etc. Interested judges can search for pictures by themselves. In the electric motorcycle, except for Mavericks, which looks like a technology in 2020, there are few other electric motorcycles with a good sense of design. Since I can’t be idle, like to walk around, and have low tolerance for long charging, there is a greater demand for the maximum battery life on a single charge.

After seeing the models on sale in Jiuhaodian, I immediately fell in love with the gentle, low-key and rounded shape of this little electric donkey. Then I learned that the limit battery life is 120km (25km/h at a constant speed). After a test drive, I felt 0 The acceleration of -60 is not inferior to the small fuel pedal of 125, so I am excited. After the actual measurement, in terms of battery life and speedometer, there is indeed no false mark. The battery life of violent riding can reach 60km+, and the average battery life of comprehensive road conditions is about 75km.

Appearance Gallery
After getting it, some upgrades were made. Mainly looks and practicality.

In terms of appearance, a small mood sticker has been added, and a windshield has been added. Small stickers can make my little electric donkey stand out from the crowd of small electric donkeys.

The practical upgrades mainly include mobile phone brackets, windshields, tires, radish tail boxes, and original extended-range batteries.

The phone holder is provided, and the rest are purchased at your own expense. Windshield, which can prevent the riding stroke from hitting the chest directly, improving comfort.

The original CST tires are very wear-resistant, so they are very hard and slippery. I slipped sideways in the underground garage three days after I got them, so I changed to Michelin city grip tires, and the grip and braking performance have been significantly improved. .

In order to expand the storage capacity, the ceiling product of the domestic tail box, the radish tail box, was introduced. What I thought at the time was that the car could be replaced in the future, and the box could continue to be used. (As expected, now the new c400x is in, the box is reused, and there is no waste at all. If anyone is interested in the BMW c400x, come back and write a special post)

After riding for a month, I am not satisfied with the battery life. The comprehensive road conditions can only average 75km, which is still the effect of driving slowly. Therefore, adding batteries was put on the agenda. Considering the safety and convenience, I chose the least economical but safest and most convenient solution, which is the original factory extended-range battery. A battery costs 4,300 yuan, and it still needs a bit of pain before hand-picking. So far, this little electric donkey has spent nearly 20,000 to reach the final completed body.

In terms of convenience, the small pedal has an inherent advantage, the body is small and flexible, and it is easy to roam in the urban area. The body comes with 21 liters of seat bucket space, which is even richer after adding a 45 liter trunk. Two helmets, gloves, knee pads, and a raincoat can all fit on the car. You can also bring a thermos cup, a coffee cup, and other daily necessities.

In terms of performance, if you have only ridden an electric car before, you will feel very satisfied when you upgrade to this car, because the medium and high-speed stability of the body is better than that of electric cars with a price of three to five thousand, and the low-speed flexibility is comparable. Since the front and rear tires are 120 inches, the front wheels are 90-90-12, and the rear wheels are 120-70-12, the comfort level is much better than that of general 10-inch wheel electric vehicles and 125 scooters. The acceleration ability is also remarkable in the same level.

Intelligence and technology are the main features of this car. Bluetooth unlocking/password unlocking and other methods are very convenient. The built-in app is also well received, which can automatically record riding data, perform positioning and early warning, and OTA upgrade. In terms of intelligence, no traditional motorcycle company’s products can match it. I am responsible for this sentence as a user.

To sum up, after buying this little electric donkey, it is obvious that you spend more on supper, food, etc., because of the good parking, large storage space, fast riding speed, and the most important thing is that you can take people (after the new national standard) , electric bicycles cannot take adults).

After nearly 10,000 kilometers of use, I gradually feel dissatisfied in the following aspects.

Battery life, although the extended-range battery is added, it is nearly 4 kWh at a time, and the comprehensive battery life is between 110-140. The limit state of daily commuting to and from get off work is to charge it once a week, but the same power anxiety as a mobile phone makes me charge it every 3 days. .

The shock absorption is too hard, the stroke is too short, and the pits that are too large (there are many pits on the road in the city) shock absorption directly to the bottom, and it can make people fly.

The car is too small, and I don’t have the feeling of riding a tall horse in my heart.

The seat cushion is too flat, and it does not affect the short distance. The longest one-way ride is 120 kilometers, and the eggs are numb. And after it rains on a rainy day, water will enter and exit from the seam of the seat cushion. When you sit on it, it will be awkward and sour.

Charging is slow. The standard 6A charger takes 8 hours to fully charge the dual batteries. The prerequisite is that the charging socket does not limit the power. Most coin-operated electric bicycle charging stations cannot be charged (after the ota upgrade, you can manually set a lower charging power to avoid this problem, at the cost of doubling the charging time). Because most charging sites will limit the power, I guess that a charger higher than 500 watts will report an error and not supply power. Because most electric bicycles (including non-standard electric vehicles) chargers have less than 300 watts of power. I also lost several coins at public charging points outside.

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