Hand in hand with you to play with NAS

Hand in hand with you to play with NAS.As we all know, the NAS that cannot be accessed outside the LAN is soulless. Today, I will tell you about several methods for accessing the NAS from the external network.

Which one is better for playing NAS broadband?

How to get public IP

With public IP to achieve NAS external network access

Realize NAS external network access through hardware and build two centers (NAS backup)

The best free Internet access with word of mouth – zerotior

Affordable and easy to use and not expensive – DDNSTO

Good reputation, external network access with limited traffic (can be obtained by signing in) – FRP

There is no need to use the one that comes with it – myQnapcloud

Full high-speed Internet access but paying to buy traffic – KNK

QNAP TS-416 should be regarded as an upgraded model of TS-428. Soc is upgraded from RTD1296 to RK3568, memory is upgraded from 2GB to 4GB, and USB3.0 interface is also upgraded to USB3.2 Gen1. This RK3568 chip has four A55 cores, comes with Mali G52 2EE GPU, and also has an NPU with 0.8Tops computing power.

RK3568 adopts 22nm process technology and has the highest frequency of 2GHZ. Compared with Realtek RTD1296, which is widely used by Chidai, the performance and energy efficiency of RK3568 are greatly improved. The encoding and decoding capabilities are further strengthened. The addition of NPU makes QTS AI performance, especially photos. , The video management capability was further improved. From the evaluation data of core parameters, the single-core performance is increased by 40%; the multi-core performance is increased by 20%; the core display performance is increased by 80%.

The appearance design follows the latest family style design of QNAP. You may not be able to tell the difference between the appearance of the 464C and the 416 without looking carefully. There are plenty of indicator lights on the left side of the front face to better understand the running status of the device. The power button and backup button are arranged below the indicator lights, and the lower left corner is the USB3.2 gen1 interface designed to be blue (464C is red ).

There are two Gigabit Ethernet ports, two USB2.0 ports and one USB3.2 gen1 port on the back of TS-416. It is suitable for link aggregation or one end is connected to the router and the other end is directly connected to the PC device, and the dual network is placed on the ARM platform. The port has always been the advantage of QNAP NAS. It should be noted that the TS-416 does not have an HDMI output interface.

The hard drive dad still chooses the 4T hard drive of Seagate CoolWolf. Dad is a loyal supporter of CoolWolf. All CoolWolf series are traditional magnetic recording (CMR), which are more suitable for use as NAS hard drives compared to SMR. Cool Wolf will give you a free original data rescue service within 3 years, I hope everyone will not use it.

CoolWolf and CoolWolf Pro with a capacity of 4tb and above support IHM (Seagate CoolWolf Health Management Software). On QTS QTS, when you open the hard disk management, you will see a cute wolf head. From the current point of view, CoolWolf is still the only one. IHM can improve the stability of NAS systems, actively protect data health, and ensure the healthy operation of NAS hard drives.

Which public IP is stronger? How to quickly obtain a public IP?
Dad’s coordinates are 0351 (Taiyuan, Shanxi), and there are two broadbands at home, one is telecom and the other is telecom, 300M downlink and 500M downlink respectively. The 500M broadband just opened two days ago, and the public IP was arranged the next day. You say it’s annoying. For telecom (Taiyuan) users, it is very simple to want a public IP:

Call 10000 ➡ to transfer the human customer service ➡ bluntly say that you need to install monitoring at home ➡ OK, arrange ➡ If you are satisfied, please press 1. (still valid until May 19)

Due to the different policies of operators in different places, other small partners may encounter different situations, but you may as well try the above process, and maybe there will be surprises.

Usually, the NAS of my friends are deployed at home, so on the one hand, there is a small problem of running electricity bills. Lie the gun. So Dad started to study the gameplay of two centers in two places. First of all, the network in many companies is not allowed to access the Internet at will, and some public networks in the company will not let you use it. In this case, we can save the country and bring a network to work at our own expense. Dad uses Dandelion’s X4C, which comes with a Dandelion traffic card that directly cooperates with China Unicom. The annual package is 599 yuan and the monthly traffic is 3000G.

Dandelion X4C uses Nano SIM card slot, which can also directly use the carrier’s traffic card, and also supports traditional wired Internet mode. It is designed with 1 adaptive 100M WAN port and 2 LAN ports, and 4 external antennas including 2 2.4G WiFi antenna and 2 5G antennas.

The most important thing is that X4C also supports Dandelion’s signature function for remote networking. Enter X4C’s network management platform, under the “Nebulas” tab, find and add members according to the location shown in the icon, and add Dandelion X4C as a hardware member to the network.

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