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Apple Watch I am very satisfied! Started a year and a half to talk about my experience and buying advice

Apple Watch I am very satisfied! Started a year and a half to talk about my experience and buying advice

Living at home without leaving home has been going on for more than a month. During this more than a month, although I do not have the freedom to do many things, it does give me more time to tinker with digital products. In this article today, I want to talk about some of the practical functions of Apple Watch that I have used in my home life, as well as some suggestions for purchasing Apple Watch.

Before I started living at home, the thing I liked most about the Apple Watch was that it allowed me to unlock my iPhone while wearing a mask. However, after the home life is turned on, there is no need to wear a mask at home, so this really fragrant function is useless. But the other features of the Apple Watch still make me feel that the watch is still somewhat useful.

Useful little features: alarm clock reminder, timer, hand washing

The first is the alarm clock function of Apple Watch. In fact, this function is nothing special. What I prefer is that it can remind by vibration instead of ringtone when it is reminding the alarm. In my home life, the working hours of my family and I are not consistent, and there is a difference of about half an hour when I get up. If it is an ordinary alarm clock, it will definitely affect the normal sleep of the family. The Apple Watch can simply vibrate for alarm reminders, which is really a very good experience, so that I can get up on time without disturbing my family. I think this function is also very practical for college students living in dormitories. Even with different work and rest times, it can avoid disturbing roommates.

Since the beginning of home life, I have to make three meals a day by myself. Although my cooking skills are not good, I have no choice but to bite the bullet. So what functions can Apple Watch have to help me in the cooking scene? Could it be that Apple Watch can teach me how to cook? Of course not. In fact, for me, the Apple Watch can help me in the cooking scene is the timer function. Whether it takes three minutes to cook noodles, or half an hour for braised pork ribs (yes, our community sold three pounds of pork ribs two days ago!), I can just lift my wrist and quickly set the countdown on my Apple Watch. Then you can browse videos and Weibo without worrying about being overly addicted to your mobile phone and forgetting the meals that are still in the making. Of course, this does not mean that the food made must be delicious, but at least there will be no embarrassing situation of burning the pot.

Staying at home for more than a month, nucleic acid is one of the essential things. Every time I go out, I will stand at the door and spray the whole body with disinfectant alcohol to seek psychological comfort. In fact, in addition to disinfection, it is more important to wash your hands well. After all, the risk of spreading the virus by touching your hands and nose is greater. But the matter of washing hands, many people are careless. The Apple Watch has a “washing” function. When you don’t wash your hands within a few minutes after returning home, it will remind you to wash your hands. When it detects that you are washing your hands (mainly by detecting the sound of water running and washing your hands), the Apple Watch will display The 20-second timer helps you wash your hands as clean as possible. Although I personally think that washing hands for 20 seconds is really long, but for safety in special times, I basically follow it honestly. In addition, hand washing with hand sanitizer is better!

Exercise and Health Monitoring

In my home life, my WeChat sports rankings are basically countdown. After all, there is so much space for activities at home. Whether it is a weekday or a weekend, in most cases, I just sit for half a day. But sitting for a long time often causes back pain. Although every time I think about standing up and moving my muscles and bones, I always forget. The Apple Watch has a sedentary reminder function. When it detects that you have not stood for a long time, the watch will notify you to stand for 1 minute. Although it is very simple to stand and relax after sitting for a long time, if there is no watch reminder, it is really easy to forget.

Presumably, some time ago, there were also friends in the circle of friends who followed Liu Genghong’s live fitness. If you don’t exercise regularly in your home life, it’s really not good, and your weight will increase visibly! When I bought the Apple Watch, I just wanted to lose weight better. During my time at home, the Apple Watch really came in handy for my exercise and fitness.

During this period of time, I followed the fitness videos on station B and followed the exercise. Basically, I chose HIIT high-intensity interval training. Although it was more tiring and sweating more, the effect was faster. The high intensity of HIIT has a standard that the heart rate should reach (220-age) × 80%. At this time, some devices that can detect heart rate are needed to monitor. The Apple Watch is the little adept at doing just that. Apple Watch’s physical training includes a variety of training modes. Basically, it has exercise modes in the gym. Now I wear Apple Watch every night to record exercise data. This data includes heart rate, dynamic kcal and total kilocalories. When the heart rate is too high, I can adjust the state of the exercise in time. In addition, after the workout is over, I can also see the fluctuation of the heart rate during the workout in my app.

Although you can do the same exercise without wearing an Apple Watch, with real-time data feedback, such as heart rate, calories burned and other data, it will play a short-term positive motivation when exercising, making people want to exercise more. In addition to detecting heart rate during exercise, Apple Watch can also record heart rate data during sleep, breathing rate, etc., which is also very important for health.

If you feel that the functionality of the App on Apple’s official website is not rich enough, you can also go to the App Store to download various fitness and sleep apps. Having a richer application ecosystem is also an advantage of Apple Watch compared to other wearable devices. Of course, although some third-party apps do really well, many of them also have to be charged.

Thinking about it now, the Apple Watch is the most useful to me, and the biggest change it brings me may be to help me exercise better and have a healthier body. Before living at home, I was also urged by the fitness record circle every day, thinking about how to stand for 12 hours, how to exercise for 30 minutes, and how to reach 650 kcal. When the three circles on the Apple Watch are full, I also have a small sense of accomplishment. While I haven’t had the kind of miraculous experience the media reported about the Apple Watch saving a user’s life in a fall or cardiac arrest, I did lose mild fatty liver disease in the year after wearing the Apple Watch.

Of course, no one is perfect, and no machine is perfect. The disadvantage of the Apple Watch is that the battery life is too short. When I first started the Apple Watch, the battery life was barely enough. I used it for two days. After a year and a half, the battery life is only enough. I use it for 1 day. Now I have to remember to charge it every night, otherwise the next day will definitely run out of power. The usual home life is actually fine, but if I go on a business trip, I have to bring an additional Apple Watch charging cable. The functions of the current Android watch are not less than that of the Apple Watch, but the battery life of the Android watch can basically reach a level of one week or even higher. In contrast, the one-day battery life of the Apple Watch is very poor.

Do you need an Apple Watch? How should I choose?

In terms of functionality, Apple Watch is not a watch with many unique functions, such as heart rate detection, calorie consumption and other functions I mentioned earlier. Xiaomi bracelets of one or two hundred yuan can also do it, but some flagship Android watches features that the Apple Watch does not have. In terms of price, the Apple Watch has even less advantages. Except for Huawei, no smart watch launched by any mobile phone manufacturer can sell so expensive.

So do you need an Apple Watch? From my personal point of view, if you have a sufficient budget, exercise regularly or attach great importance to physical health, then Apple Watch must be your best choice, it can help you exercise better and understand your physical condition better. In addition, the product linkage experience between the Apple Watch and the iPhone is also relatively good. For example, viewing the navigation information of the mobile phone on the watch, and even using the Apple Watch to control the camera of the iPhone, the experience is relatively smooth, while some Android watches cannot be used with the iPhone. . Of course, if you are just looking at a notification on your phone to see how much you exercise every day, and your budget simply can’t afford an Apple Watch, then it’s totally fine to buy a Xiaomi bracelet or some Android watches.

If you are about to buy an Apple Watch, which one should you choose? There are currently three Apple Watches available on Apple’s official website, namely Apple Watch Series 7, Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch Series 3. Apple Watch Series 3 has been launched for so long, and its performance and design are obviously behind. Although the price is only 1499 yuan, it is not recommended. It is worth mentioning that between the Apple Watch SE and S7, there are also S5 and S6 watches that can be purchased on third-party e-commerce platforms. So what’s the big difference between these watches?

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