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Extra deep pocket sheets 21″ has excellent natural characteristics

Extra deep pocket sheets 21″ has excellent natural characteristics, which are unmatched by other fibers. Scientists determined through electroencephalography that linen sheets were more likely to induce sleep than cotton sheets, and they slept soundly and deeply. Tests on the skin showed that the types of linen bedding were not irritating to the skin, but also reduced skin temperature and muscle tension, and the linen fabric also inhibited bacterial growth. However, due to the rough feel of linen bedding, it is only suitable for topical use. Now, it is rarely used where it comes in contact with human skin. It is used to make bedspreads during the day, or as a care sheet on a mattress. etc.

polyester fabric

Extra deep pocket sheets 21″ are hybrid fibers, which are mixed with some natural fibers and chemical fibers. It combines the comfort of natural fibers with the durability of chemical fibers. The advantages of this type of bedding fabric are: low cost, good color fastness, bright colors, good shape retention effect, and relatively durable. The disadvantages are: easy to pilling, easy to generate static electricity, poor affinity.

Extra deep pocket sheets 21"

The four-piece set on the bed is the one that comes into closest contact with us during sleep, and the fabric of these 21 inch deep pocket sheets will be in direct contact with our skin. Therefore, the choice of fabric becomes the key to determining whether the bedding is comfortable. Let me introduce to you what kind of fabrics should be chosen for the four-piece bedding!

The density of the mattress itself is high, and the long-term is in the condition of sealing. Because people sleep at night is a whole process of exothermic reaction, so why many people will sweat when they fall asleep, if they do not tear the plastic film of the mattress, they will not keep warm and adsorbed gas, then all the water vapor will accumulate in the white box spring cover, and you will feel clammy and cold when you sleep in the quilt.

white box spring cover

If you have rheumatism yourself, think about it, it is equivalent to sleeping in the middle of the film and the Japanese Futon Cover, the water vapor will return to the human body, and the skin will explode when the quality of sleep is also good. Due to the poor ventilation effect, It is very easy to grow germs, and the four-piece set is very easy to be full of insects. After waking up, the bedding is not good with exhaust pipes and natural ventilation. It is very bad for your health after a long time. Only torn, can the system breathable exhaust pipe be recirculated.

cotton fabric

Let’s take a look at the well-recognized cotton fabrics. The advantages of pure cotton fabrics are water absorption, sweat absorption, close to the body, and no irritation to human skin. Therefore, pure cotton fabrics naturally occupy a dominant position in bedding. . In addition, in the cold winter, pure cotton fabrics 21 inch deep pocket sheets have better warmth retention, giving people a soft and comfortable feeling on the whole, and the price of pure cotton bedding is relatively moderate. However, the biggest disadvantage of pure cotton fabric is that it will shrink after frequent washing, so be sure to pay attention to this when ordering pure cotton bedding, and it can be appropriately widened when customizing.


The fleece fabric extra Thick mattress storage bag is a high-grade combed cotton. In the post-processing process, this kind of fabric is sanded to make the surface of the fabric have a certain fluffy feeling, which improves the hand feeling of the fabric. Sanding is also called sanding, which can make the warp and weft yarns produce fluff at the same time. The fluff is short and dense, the suede is smooth, the hand feels plump and soft, the fluff is rich, and the luster is soft and aurora.

Bamboo fiber fabric

In addition to the above fabrics, there are also some new fabrics, such as bamboo fiber fabrics, which are extracted from natural bamboo after cooking and hydrolysis. Bedding made of bamboo fiber fabric, the skin feels good, soft and smooth, comfortable and breathable. The cross section of bamboo extra Thick mattress storage bag is covered with oval voids, so it has good air permeability, and people sleep on it cooler and more comfortable. Bamboo fiber is a natural fiber that can generate negative ions and far infrared rays, which can promote blood circulation and metabolism.

silk fabric

The highest quality fabrics here are silk fabrics sofa covers for pets. Silk fabrics have the characteristics of gorgeous appearance, plumpness, natural and soft light, good flickering effect, comfortable hand feeling, high strength, better elasticity and moisture absorption than cotton, but they are easy to get dirty. The heat resistance under strong sunlight is worse than that of cotton. When using this bedding fabric, it is necessary to change the sheets frequently, avoid direct sunlight on the sheets, and learn to maintain various beddings in life to make them last longer.

How to choose bedding fabrics.

If there is a fabric on the market that is healthy and affordable, it must be pure cotton. The pure cotton fabric sofa covers for pets has high water absorption, is harmless to the human body, soft to the touch and moderately priced. If it is polyester and cotton, it is mixed with chemical fibers, which is easy to form small hair balls, and the durability is not good enough, and the price is also cheap. Linen feels rough and is only suitable for bedspreads and the like. Silk fabrics have the best appearance and comfort, and are also the most expensive, but they are not very stain resistant, so don’t expose them to sunlight.

When we choose the fabric of the white box spring cover four-piece set, we need to consider the breathability and softness. Only by doing these two can we meet the most basic comfort needs. Breathability. When we sleep, the skin is also doing metabolic work. At this time, the skin excretes sweat or other metabolites. If the sweat we excrete does not evaporate in time, it will appear.

Disadvantages of not tearing mattress bags:

If the mattress does not tear the plastic film for a long time, the inside of the mattress will be wet and cold, which will cause the internal structure to rust, and it will squeak when it is turned over. Therefore, the mattress plastic film must be torn off. Only tearing it is good for everyone’s body and the Japanese Futon Cover itself.

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