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Sicilian Isle Seeks Home for Its Booming Goat Population

A small, isolated island near Sicily has initiated a campaign to rehome its population of 600 goats, which has outgrown the island’s human community of merely 100 residents.

The local mayor, Riccardo Gullo, explained to Sky News that the burgeoning goat population has become a source of “tension” among inhabitants. The goats have been causing significant environmental damage, frequently entering homes, and consuming agricultural produce.

According to Mr. Gullo, the issue originated when a small number of goats escaped from their owner and subsequently multiplied, leading to the current unmanageable situation.

“The island is truly tiny, and 600 goats are simply too many,” he remarked.

Visual evidence of the goats roaming through residents’ backyards has prompted urgent action to control the herd after they caused “extensive damage” on the island, which is part of the volcanic Aeolian archipelago in southern Italy.

Mr. Gullo expressed concerns for the safety of islanders, with some goats being large and robust enough to cause alarm, and there is a fear that they might invade homes.

The initiative to give away the goats to those interested in breeding has been a success thus far, with interest from as far as Tuscany and Lombardy in northern Italy.

The offer, which is set to expire on April 10, does not impose any restrictions on applicants or the number of goats they can adopt.

Gloria, proprietor of the Golden Cafe Noir at Alicudi’s harbor, supports the initiative but has reservations about the logistics involved.

As reported by The Guardian, Gloria noted that the goats have become excessively numerous, with one even paying her establishment a visit.

While initially a source of amusement, she worries about the potential for the goat to become aggressive towards her customers.

She also pointed out the challenges of transporting the goats from the island’s mountainous terrain, suggesting that “Perhaps they would need a helicopter to transfer two or three at a time.”

Despite the appealing offer, Gloria concluded, “There is no logistical solution yet.”

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