Parisian Servers Dash Through the City’s Streets in Traditional Race Ahead of Olympic Games

In a thrilling display of skill and speed, waitstaff from across Paris’ cafes and bistros returned to the streets after a 13-year absence to participate in a unique race.

On a sunny Sunday, competitors balanced a tray adorned with a croissant, a coffee cup, and a glass of water, ready to showcase their swift and steady service skills.

This historic event, which dates back 110 years, was revived after a lengthy pause and has been earmarked as a promotional activity for the upcoming Olympic Games taking place in the city this summer.

The 2-kilometer race, a celebration of the nimble servers that keep France’s beloved cafes and bistros bustling, unfolded through the charming streets of the Marais district.

Some 200 participants, adorned in their professional attire, filled their trays with a standard pastry, an empty but designated coffee cup, and a brimming glass of water.

The racers’ performances were assessed not only by their completion time but also based on the quantity of water spilled throughout the course.

The event, which started and concluded at the City Hall, served as a delightful reminder of the city’s rich cultural traditions and a spirited anticipation for the forthcoming Olympic Games.

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